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The First Official Test in 2013 started at the Sepang Circuit!

The First Official Test in 2013 started at the Sepang International Circuit! NISSIN riders got off to a marvelous start!!

The first MotoGP official test (05/02/13 - 07/02/13 at Sepang International Circuit)

The MotoGP official test took place at the Sepang International Circuit in equatorial Malaysia.
In 2013, the MotoGP World Championship will have 24 riders (Seven teams will have the 12 MotoGP prototype machines from three manufactures plus 12 CRT machines).
For the 2013 season, NISSIN has got a great line up with Alvaro Bautista (Go & Fun Honda Gresini), Stefan Bradl (LCR Honda) and the new face of CRT, Bryan Staring (Go & Fun Honda Gresini).

According to the new rules of 2013, the prototype machine has to add 3 kg more weight compared to the year 2012 (The minimum weight  allowed by the rules is 160 kg). 
The additional 3 kg means a lot for the braking system in order to control the racing machine. It is one of the most important parts for riders to control speed while entering the corners. Therefore NISSIN will concentrate on the new material for the 2013 prototype machines and the riders will test its controllability vigorously.

The three days of official testing took place with a large number of riders (28 riders, including the two test riders on both Honda and Yamaha).
The NISSIN riders had a good start from the first day on. Bradl recorded his first day 0.6 seconds behind the fastest rider and finished on 5th position. Bautista placed 7th position on the first and second day.

Both NISSIN riders have been working on the testing program, using the ability of the NISSIN brakes. Bradl’s time was recorded with 2'01.33 (0.903 seconds behind Dani Pedrosa’s time of 2'00.100) and he placed 6th position on the time sheets. Bautista’s time recorded 2'01.502 and he placed 7th position. They finished three days of testing successfully.
Bradl completed a total of 133 laps and Bautista completed a total of 153 laps. Bryan Staring, the new face of CRT, adapted his first MotoGP class machine and completed a total of 115 laps without crashing.

The next test will take place in Sepang later this month on February the 26th, 27th and 28th.


Stefan Bradl − LCR Honda − 2'01.003/ 133 laps (3 days)
 "The result of these three days of work is quite good for me. I think we have completed our job gathering more data ahead for the next test here. Even today I was working on a series of things from traction control to suspension and brakes and Bridgestone gave us a new rear hard tire to test. At the end I rode the circuit 43 times and my confidence grew on this bike. There's more work to do before the first race of the season, but we are leaving Sepang with a good base." 


Alvaro Bautista − Go & Fun Honda Gresini − 2'01.384/ 153 laps (3 days)
"The intense heat that we've had over the past few days, ended up making it considerably harder to work out on track. That didn't affect our schedule, however, and we continued with the job of setting up the Showa suspension. We are making progress, but we still have a lot of work to do and our aim remains to have everything ready for the season start in Qatar. We have gathered a lot of data that we will use at the next test here in Sepang at the end of the month."


Bryan Staring - Go & Fun Honda Gresini - 2'05.970/ 115 laps (3 days)
"There is still a lot to learn, but I think that we are on the right track with the help of the guys on the team. They never put me in any difficulty and always have me trying out technical solutions without distracting me too much from just adapting to this new style of riding. Sepang is definitely not the best circuit to make your debut as it’s so long and hard to learn all the lines. In any case, I am motivated. Today I improved my time from yesterday and I am convinced that I can be competitive very soon."



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