Nissin Kogyo pursues safety and environmental friendliness through aluminum products and braking systems.

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Environmental Policy

Environmental Initiatives

NISSIN treats environmental issues as among the management’s most important challenges, and vigorously conducts environmental preservation activities.
Beyond providing customer with resource- and energy-saving products, the NISSIN Group concentrates wholeheartedly on the “environment and safety,” and is developing a framework for further environmental preservation.

NISSIN’s Environmental Policy

In June 1998, NISSIN formulated its Environmental Policy to promote environmental preservation activities.
Every member of the Group is working together toward creating a recycling-oriented and sustainable society.

Environmental Policy NISSIN recognizes the interdependent relationship between the global environment and business activities, including not only design and development but manufacturing and sales. As a result, NISSIN actively engages in environmental measures in order to enjoy a safe and secure future.

Action Guidelines

  • We shall strictly follow all laws, regulations and agreements related to the environment.
  • We shall establish environmental management objectives and targets, and we shall conduct regular reviews as well as strive to make continuous improvements.
  • We shall offer environment based staff training and internal PR activities in order to raise awareness among the employees.
  • We shall strive to use environment-friendly materials and properly process all chemical substances.
  • We shall strive to develop products that have a low impact on the environment.
  • We shall promote resource- and energy-savings, as well as adopt measures to reduce our waste.

Environmental Organization System

NISSIN’s Environment Preservation Committee oversees all environment related activities and policies, and the chairman of said committee is the Director of Environmental Preservation. The committee establishes environmental policy and targets, monitors their progress and status, is responsible for formulating corrective measures, etc., and enacts environmental measures throughout the company.
In addition, NISSIN also has an environment preservation committee for each block to oversee the block’s activities and to provide environmental support for the block.


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